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Set sail for the Iles d'Or and the Côte D'Azur...

The Ile de Porquerolles is one of the most majestic marine environments in France. It is in the Golfe d'Hyères, 15 minutes' boat ride from the Pointe de Giens, and is considered to be one of the jewels of the Côte d'Azur. Alongside its neighbouring islands, Port-Cros and the Ile du Levant, Porquerolles is one of the Iles d'Or (golden islands), a well-deserved moniker... three pearls bathed in light with three distinct characters.

Choose between sandy beaches and bike rides on the Ile de Porquerolles, the craggy trekking trails of Port-Cros and its peerless seabed...

Over the course of a weekend, or a longer stay, try out a range of activities amongst the stunning landscapes of the Mediterranean!

The Ile de Porquerolles

Set off on foot or by bike to discover the pearl of the Iles d'Or. Its village, its leafy footpaths, its sandy beaches, its scents, all conspire to lead you on to charming adventures. The island is on the same parallel as Cap Corse, making it the southernmost point on the Provence coast. Porquerolles became a protected site in 1988 and is attached to Port-Cros national park. It has retained all the authentic charms of the Côte d’Azur.
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Ile de Port Cros

There are no vehicles on Port-Cros, not even bikes. It is the most wild of the Iles d'Or. The range of fauna and flora is extraordinary, both on land and in the sea. Visitors can explore it on foot, along little marked footpaths. The island owes its name to the shape of its little port ("Cros" is derived from the French word for "hollow"). Since 1963, the entire island has been listed as a national park, which includes a 600 metre stretch of sea around its coast line. It is the only national park in Europe to have a marine environment protected in this way. In extraordinarily clear waters, an underwater "trail" is marked in the same way as the trekking footpaths.
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The Iles d'Or

Once upon a time there was a prince called Olbianus. He was the Lord of Olbia (Hyères), and he had four daughters of peerless beauty. One day, they were bathing off the coast when a pirate ship appeared. In desperation, their father prayed to the gods to stop them from being abducted. The princesses then felt their bodies become rigid and turn to stone. The three furthest sisters formed the Iles d'Or, while the youngest one, closer to the shore become the peninsula of Giens. It is said these islands have retained the stunning beauty they once had when they were princesses.
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The Southernmost and oldest of the resorts on the Côte d’Azur, also known as Hyères-les-Palmiers because of the thousands of palm trees planted there over the years. Its old neighbourhoods, perched on the south side of Castéou hill dominate the new town and the harbour sheltered by Cap Bénat and the peninsula of Giens, where you can take a ferry, all year round, to the islands of Porquerolles or Port-Cros.
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